Music From Japan Festival 2022

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Music From Japan

Festival 2022 New York

Saturday, March 5: Current Sounds Japan II
Sunday, March 6: Tomojiro Ikenouchi: His Music & Legacy

Music From Japan Festival 2022 Program

Festival 2022 will focus on influential composer Tomojiro Ikenouchi and three younger composers. On Saturday, March 5, “Current Sounds Japan II,” will include exciting new music from Yasutaki Inamori, Akiko Ushijima and Hirofumi Mogi. On Sunday, March 6, “Tomojiro Ikenouchi: His Music & Legacy,” will commence with a talk by his granddaughter, Dr. Kristina Reiko Cooper, who will be performing as well. The program will include highlights from his body of work alongside works by composers whom he influenced. As usual, MFJ’s concert programs will be supplemented by educational lectures and forums with the featured composers alongside New York-based composers, scholars, critics and musicians. More details will be announced as they emerge.