FAQ – Frequently asked questions
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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Q&A from A to Z

We have provided answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked. Your question is not on the list? You can find our contact details under “Contact” or in the imprint – we will be happy to help.

In many cases we can supply a replacement (at a charge). Write to us stating the title in question (with order number if possible).
Would you rather have mp3 files than a CD? Read on in the section “I don’t have a CD player”.

In many cases we can provide you with data for download.
This is free of charge if you submit a proof of purchase of the corresponding music book, the purchase was made no longer than 6 months ago and the original price was paid (i.e. no second-hand goods). Send the receipt to us by e-mail.
If there is no download version in the shop, write us an e-mail (indicating the title you are looking for).

However, should you have any reason to complain, we will try to help you quickly and without fuss.
If you have purchased from a dealer, please contact the seller first.
If you have purchased directly from us (e.g. via our webshop), please contact us by e-mail and briefly describe the reason for the complaint. Of course, you are also welcome to call us!

We deliver as quickly as possible, of course. Available means that the item is usually in stock and can be delivered. For some titles you will notice an indication of the delivery time in days – this means that this title is usually not in stock and is produced especially for you. These figures are indicative only.

If you cannot find online material for a book here, please contact info@ama-verlag.de quoting the title and order number (on the back of the book) – we will help immediately.

The functions are not yet available.

We are particularly pleased to receive manuscript submissions, provided that the following points are observed:
Please do not send anything by post, but by e-mail. If this is not possible, we will of course accept submissions by post. Please do not send originals! Unfortunately, we cannot return submitted manuscripts! We kindly ask for your understanding.
We are also grateful for the following: in addition to the manuscript, a short description of the project (synopsis), preferably audio files and a few relevant key points about the person would be helpful.
Please send file attachments in PDF format if possible.

Of course you can also order from us by phone or e-mail. Links to our contact details are always at the bottom of the page.
You can support your local music shop or bookstore by ordering directly there. We will be happy to give you the name of a dealer near you – or take a look at “Noten vor Ort“, a database of music shops.

By default, the prices shown are the prices valid for Germany, including VAT. If you select another country in the shopping basket or at the checkout and the selected country levies a different VAT rate, the then valid price is displayed throughout the shop (net price minus German VAT plus foreign VAT).

Within Germany, books and sheet music are subject to a law on fixed prices. Therefore, our sheet music and books have the same price everywhere in Germany, regardless where you order from. Sound recordings are not subject to this price fixing.

We are pleased to make piano reductions and scores available for inspection. Please contact our orchestra and stage department (cf. “Contact” at the bottom of the page). There you may also ask whether scores, piano reductions or individual parts are available for purchase. Please state the requested work and the intended use (study purposes, programme planning, advertising, etc.).

Please send requests for review copies by e-mail (quoting the order number if possible). We appreciate it if you let us know which journal, blog or magazine you write for and ask for a specimen copy when it is published (or a link in the case of online-only formats).

As a general rule: less is more. First try a single term or the first few letters of a title or composer – you will get suggested results while you are typing.
I am looking for a specific article: You will quickly reach your goal if you enter terms from the title, the order number, ISBN or ISMN (without spaces or hyphens!) or the author.
I would like to browse a little first: Try searching via categories: here you will find some predefined frequently searched terms that lead directly to a search result.
On the results page, you will see further filter options in the left-hand column, which can be used to further narrow down the search results. For example, if you have searched for “piano”, you can specify which other instruments the work should contain (by selecting “violin”, for example), or by which authors you would like to have articles displayed.
Still nothing found? We are happy to help you personally and look forward to your call or e-mail.

For some works with a full orchestra, you will find the instrumentation abbreviated in numbers. The instruments are indicated according to the following key:
Flute.Oboe.Clarinet.Bassoon. – Saxophone, Flugelhorn, Tenorhorn, Baritone – Horn.Trumpet.Trombone.Tuba. – Timpani – Percussion – Keyboard instruments – Plucked instruments – Strings – Choir – Soloists
Additional instruments are indicated in brackets, e.g. 1 (Picc). If the bracket is missing, an additional player is required, e.g. Picc.1. Instruments not used in the score are not listed. The number of players (percussion) or differently scored parts (choir) are noted in brackets.