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Edition Margaux (actually named after the French wine-growing region) was founded in 1988 by Hans-Gerhard Fey and Peter Strack in Kreuzberg. Both were guitar teachers, as were the first published authors (Norbert Wuttke, Frank Hill, Dietmar Ungerank).

They also succeeded in signing composers such as Istvan Horvath-Thomas, Jaime Mirtenbaum Zenamon or Carlo Domeniconi.

The aim of the publishing house was and is to produce good-sounding, playable guitar literature suitable for teaching purposes. To expand the chamber music repertoire for guitar, Hans-Gerhard Fey arranged numerous works by Albéniz, Granados and Domenico Scarlatti for two guitars.

Within a few years, Edition Margaux was able to establish itself as a small but globally respected specialist publisher. Shortly after German reunification, Edition Margaux moved to Berlin Mitte into the premises of Verlag Neue Musik. This led to many years of cooperation and the founding of the joint label Kreuzberg Records.

New additions included works with larger instrumentation, especially the guitar concertos by Domeniconi and the orchestral works by Zenamon. Nikita Koshkin was won over as a new important author.

In 1994 Edition Margaux moved to the Forum Kreuzberg. In 1999, the publishing house was taken over by Detlef Kessler and integrated into the AMA publishing group in 2002.