Martin Steuber

… and I play guitar

Instrumentation: Guitar
Length (h:m:s): 01:11:42
Jewel Case (CD)
Format: 12,5×14 cm
Weight: 110 g
Language(s) Preface: German
Kreuzberg Records / KR10178
EAN: 4018262261783


In the project „…and I play guitar”, which resulted in this recording after several concerts in Germany, Poland,Belgium and Scotland, I went in search of identity-forming references between early music for guitar, established works of modernity, as well as fresh views on the instrument – linked with the question of the meaning of virtuosity today.
Sparked by the intensity and consistency of the repertoire, I found again my love for the guitar. A personal confirmation of the statement so profane at first sight: …and I play guitar.