Thomas Gerwin

BiPol VIII für Violoncello und Klavier (2024)

linea contra punctus
Besetzung: Cello, Klavier
Cello, Klavier
Partitur, Stimme
Mitgelieferte Stimme(n): Cello, Klavier
Dauer (h:m:s): 00:11:00
Format: 23 x 31 cm
Seiten: 48
Gewicht: 196 g
Verlag Neue Musik / NM4098
ISMN: 9790203267935
ISBN: 9783733333492


Lieferzeit: 14 Tage


“BiPol VIII – linea contra punctus” belongs to a work series which acts, intermediates and balances between extreme contrasts. The five parts of the piece, one merged into the next, are composed strictly in twelve-tone and serial technique – but expand those methods of composition i.e. by creating twelve-tones-fields, voice changes and noise based sound figures as well as using elements of Minimal Music. The underlying twelve-tone row represents in a paradigmatic way the whole architecture of the work as a musical geometry of lines and points.