Florian Ross

Jazz Composer’s Companion

The Swiss Army Knife for Jazz Composers

Buch, Musiktheorie
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Essential guide for aspiring and experienced composers wishing to refine their creative process in composition.

This guide goes beyond examining harmonization, scales, modes, and voicings; instead, it dives into the unexplored regions of imagination, structured thinking, and creative application, making it a companion in composing resonant and expressive contemporary jazz music. Whether you’re new to the basics or an experienced composer, this book offers a journey that will illuminate the unexplored corridors of musical composition in the contemporary jazz world.

Ross offers a framework for navigating the complex terrain of composition, drawing parallels between different creative arts. His conviction in a global creative comprehension pervades this book, underlining the links between music, architecture, dance, theatre, and the visual arts. This companion takes an in-depth look at the numerous challenges faced by students who are often underserved by more conventional books on composition, which focus primarily on technique. It explores the conceptual hurdles and abstacles that cause compositions to lack vitality and appeal, addressing the essential “what” before delving into the “how”.