Dimitris Maronidis

4 Hommmages au carré für zwei Klaviere (2023)

Besetzung: Klaviere
Klaviere (2)
Spielpartituren (2)
Mitgelieferte Stimme(n): Klaviere (2)
Dauer (h:m:s): 00:09:00
Format: 25 x 35,3 cm
Seiten: 60
Gewicht: 398 g
Edition Gravis / EG3070
ISMN: 9790205729660


Lieferzeit: 14 Tage

The piece is a revised and extended version of 4 (hommage) études for solo piano. In the initial version, the work had a pedagogical background (etudes). The version for two pianos has been a journey of exploration for some of the work’s own hidden sonic territories. Not being a set of etudes anymore, the piece is departing from its inherent educational character and lenas towards a broader spectrum of textural expression.

The first piece focuses on the sonic properties of closely pitched aggregates (clusters) and how the controlled release of keys can mimic an imaginary low-pass or high-pass filter. The second piece is based on cyclically overlapping rhythmic formations. The entrance points of the rhythmic cells gradually compress/decompress over time, while they are also expanding in space, covering the whole range of the instrument. In the third piece, minimalistic techniques are utilized humorously. Three separate layers are deployed creating a static harmonic background on top of which a scattered melody is traveling across all registers in an acrobatic and virtuosic motion. In the final piece, a soft and slowly evolving harmonic layer becomes the ground on top of which a double isorhythmic texture unfolds, creating a starry sonic cosmos full of fragility.