Klaus Hinrich Stahmer

Pulip Sori für Kayagum, Changgo und Violoncello (2010)

Kayagum, Changgo, Cello
Partitur, Stimmensatz (3)
Mitgelieferte Stimme(n): Kayagum, Changgo, Cello
Dauer (h:m:s): 00:09:00
Format: 21 x 29,7 cm
Seiten: 52
Gewicht: 193 g
Verlag Neue Musik / NM1275
ISMN: 9790203215691
ISBN: 9783733307745


Lieferzeit: 10 Tage

The musical idea of Pulip Sori [Grass Song] has been derived from one of the best poems of Korean author Kim Suyông (1921-1968). Grass, as the poet says, lies down flat when the strong wind blows, bearing heavy clouds of rain. But grass very soon rises up again. It sings the mourning song in unison with the wind, but rises up again and even laughs, much before the wind takes to laughter.

The pice was written in 2005/06. Tonally it is based on a special mode which has been invented by the composer, and for which no historic or traditional model can be found. It is to be played on a Sanjo Kayagum with 12 strings.